Padrón Cleaning And Restoration in Palm Beach

Reliable and Trustworthy Cleaning Service

Padrón  is a three generation, family owned and operated company who provides  cleaning and emergency services throughout the Palm Beaches for over 30  years. Over time we have built up a business that ensures quality and  guarantees 100% satisfaction. Padrón Cleaning And Restoration is #1 when  it comes to Mold Damage and Remediation,as well as Water and Flood  Damages. 

We Care About the Details

From the smallest of leaks to the  largest catastrophes, we've seen it all, and we can apply that knowledge  to give you accurate information about how you can deal with damage to  your home or property. 

Customer Satisfaction

We love to maintain relationships  with clients and become more than just a cleaning service. We want to be  part of the routine that makes your life better, healthier, and  cleaner. And, the more often we come by, the less work we have to do,  the more you save and not to mention, the benefit of being worry free of  living in a spotless place! 

Are You Ready to experience Clean?

Professional Advantages

Professional carpet cleaners are a great choice for your floors. Our cleaning equipment has more extraction power then any rental machinery found in local stores, and the carpet has a quicker drying period. True professionals understand their equipment, know the proper cleaning agents to use for the situation at on hand, and recognize the difference between carpet fibers and materials.

The comfort and beauty of clean carpets aren't permanent. Over time and with much use, carpets can become dusty, stained with pet urine, blood, dirt or oils, and other household bacteria, viruses, dust mites and allergens. Carpet cleaning should be done regularly.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Carpets that are steam cleaned prolong the life of the carpet. By taking the necessary steps to protect and clean your carpets you are also protecting your long term finances! A carpet that has has long term excessive use can be easily restored to its original brilliance by steam cleaning. This would be a minimal cost compared to having the carpet fully replaced.

Over time your carpet attracts a multitude of allergens and even possibly dust mites. This is especially true in homes with children and or pets who often play, lay and spend more time on the floor. These factors can have an effect on your families health and well being. By having your carpets steam cleaned your are removing these elements from your carpet and providing a cleaner space for your family and pets to relax and play.

Service Preparation

If we will be moving furniture while cleaning your home, please remove all breakables and small items from the areas to be cleaned prior to scheduled appointment time.

If your family has pets, keep in mind that one door will be open while we are working. If there are concerns that your pet may get out, you may want to put them in a room where they will be safe and secure while we are there.

We will need to park as close to the front of the home or building as possible. Kindly leave us space and relocate any vehicles that we may block in or interfere with services. It is difficult to move our van once services have started.

Useful Tips

  • Frequent vacuuming will keep your carpet clean longer by removing soil that may become embedded
  • Carpet stains should not be rubbed in. Always blot and try to soak up the stain with an absorbent material
  • Steam cleaning every 6 months to a year is recommended to remove allergens and other germs that may be in the fibers.
  • Stain Cleaning- Always read the label firs

Maintenance Programs

This is a service that we offer to  our clients who wish to have regularly scheduled cleaning procedures  performed. Each program is custom designed to meet the client’s specific  needs. These programs offer discounted rates varying form 10- 20% off  of regularly scheduled cleanings. We provide a call back service to  remind clients of their scheduled appointments and all participants in  these maintenance programs will receive a price freeze for three years  from the date of initial service. 

Types of Area Rugs we clean

  • Oriental
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Persian
  • Fur
  • Antique
  • Bearskin
  • Sheepskin
  • Synthetic
  • Sea grass
  • Bakhtiari
  • Sirjan
  • Zanjan
  • Qashqai